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We offer a customized training playbook tailored to the specific players in your store.

Examples of what your coaching plan are:

  • Side by side in-dealership sales training

  • Virtual training

  • Out of dealership 2,3,and 4 day training classes

  • Service department training

  • Ownership specific coaching and consulting

In-Dealership Training

The in-dealership training is what sets The Dealer Coach apart from our competition. We don't coach your people in a conference room. We take the front lines approach. We roll up our sleeves with your front line employees and coach them on how to be more effective with real-world situations. We love to jump in, take a TO, and show your staff how our process will work for them.

Out of Dealership Training

We offer 2, 3, and 4 day sales and finance classes. We love our in-dealership training program. However, it is beneficial to get your people out of the store to focus on some of the smaller details that can be missed. These classes are designed to sharpen skills to take back to the showroom.

Ownership Coaching

Even the greatest leaders need people in their corner. We take a "tell it how it is" approach to ownership coaching. Sometimes these conversations are difficult to have. Our sole focus is to coach you to get the most out of yourself and your dealership. 

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