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The Full Story


The Dealer Coach was founded with one goal in mind. BE THE BEST. We strive to be the best partner for our dealership clients. We strive to bring the most value to your operation. Whether it's lenders, training, reinsurance, consulting, or dealership direction. We will provide you with the best support in the industry. These are not just words, we guarantee results.

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Our mission is to create long-lasting relationships with our dealer partners. Our sole driving force is to create more profit in your stores. We will spend time in your store and are always available when we are needed.


Our vision is to give more support to our clients than they ever thought possible. We are able to provide multiple solutions for any possible problem. We truly believe there is no other company that will provide the training, support, and digital resources that we do.

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Meet The Group

Darren Nitz

Darren has spent his entire working life working in the automotive industry. He started out washing cars on a lot at 17 years old. At one point, Darren was a Master Certified Mercedes-Benz technician. Darren has held almost every job in a dealership. He sold cars, was a top performing finance manager, sales manager and general manager. Darren also owned his own independent dealership. Darren is able to bring a high level of competence and experience to any conversation. Darren is very passionate about the automotive industry. Any problems that you have, Darren wants to help fix them. When he isn't working, he spends time with his family. He is a proud husband and father to four girls. When he can find time, Darren enjoys coaching football and fishing. 

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David S
Sales Director

David has spent the majority of his adult life working in or owning a dealership. David specializes in sub-prime finance operations. From inventory acquisition to lender relationships and deal structures. David is a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to The Dealer Coach Team. David is a proud husband and father to two young boys. When he isn't busy with working and family, he enjoys coaching his sons in wrestling and playing golf. 

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Joseph S.
Finance Expert

Joseph is an absolute Rockstar Finance trainer. Joseph got his first shot as a finance manager at only 21 years old. The rest is history. Prior to joining The Dealer Coach, Joseph was busy setting record numbers in the finance chair. Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys being outside, sports, and spending time with family.

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Martin L.
Director of Business Development

Martin is a true entrepreneur having started and run many successful businesses. Martin is a real-estate and construction expert.  He brings a unique set of skills to The Conquer Group Team. Martin is our go-to person for anything our clients need outside of our normal business. Need help with funding, investments, property, or need a hookup in Vegas? Call Martin. 

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Zephanie Sanchez
Voice Representative

Zephanie "Zee" Sanchez brings 8 years of experience in call handling and virtual assistance. She is the voice of our company, providing exceptional customer service and upholding our core values. From inquiries to growth opportunities, she is dedicated to making a positive impact on our business. With tech-savviness and excellent communication, she is able to build great relationships with everyone she meets.

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Krystel Balais
Data Entry Specialist

Kristel is a dependable and approachable Data Entry Specialist/BGC Representative. She has a passion for accuracy and is dedicated to providing exceptional data entry services to help streamline and organize your valuable information. Kristel is vital to the rapid expansion currently happening at The Conquer Group. 

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Yna Angeline Bolado
Voice Representative / Creative Specialist

Yna Bolado, the woman behind the creative campaigns and projects for The Conquer Group. Representing The Conquer group through voice and arts. Extending my service to our dear clients is a responsibility that she is more than willing to do. She delivers outstanding work not only to The Conquer Group, but our dealership clients as well.

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